Build your wealth,
Shape the future.

Don’t settle for just financial returns, when you can get so much more. Raise the bar, and achieve financial freedom alongside environmental and social impact.

Status quo just doesn't cut it.

Our world is changing fast, maybe even too fast. Rising costs, aging infrastructure and climate influenced events are drastically changing the global landscape.

Longer work hours and rarely disconnecting have blurred the lines between life and work. Many of us feel like we keep less and less the more we work. Have you ever found yourself thinking, "something has to change?"

But to change, we need to do something different, don't we?


say a personal issue close to their heart is one of their top influences for deciding on impact investing.

Rockefeller Foundation


believe a clear link can be proven between financial investment and social returns.

Rockefeller Foundation


of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.

Andrew Carnegie

A simple solution right at your finger tips.

Real estate investing provides passive income and generational wealth growth, and it's not just for the ultrarich.

Unlike offices, everyone needs a home. The US requires 4.3 million apartments by 2035. That is demand.

Impact investments are made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial returns.

Why Blue Eyed Capital?

At our core, we are building engineers with decades of experience designing, building and operating high performing sustainable real estate around the world. Sustainability though is not about the buildings, it is about the impact they can have on life and that's where our expertise in facilities and asset management set us apart. We put the Impact in Impact Investing.

We are people first, committed to our current and future investors [you], residents, and partners to impact lives and the world.

Healthy Home. Healthy Person. Healthy Planet.

Investing in purpose-driven real estate is an actionable decision that directly impacts peoples’ lives.

Finding the 1%

We have high standards for our communities, ourselves, and the world.

Blue Eyed Capital analyzes hundreds of deals, moving on less than 1%. Every property undergoes an exhaustive analysis and comprehensive business and impact planning.

Our searches focus on key markets where affordability is an issue and local government program support is in place.

We’re currently managing 228 healthy homes and residents while on our way to impacting 1,000,000 lives.

Are you ready to do different?

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Invest in the future-yours, ours, theirs- to gain control over your own financial growth while impacting the greater good.


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“Jon’s commitment to impact investing—where each project is an opportunity to enhance lives and communities—sets a new standard in the industry”
- The Chicago Journal